Saturday, June 3, 2006

For My Friend

I moved to Richmond in September, full of aprehension. Many of you by keeping up with my story know full well the ups and downs that I have faced.

I was very fortunate to land a great job in October. After a lot of rejection, and fear for losing everything I started my new job with that same fear I had when I moved to this city.
I was crammed in an office with Kelly Stern. He is such a kind, patient, gentle soul. He showed me around and I got comfortable working there really fast. I smile when I remember one of my coworkers talking about us giggling in there all day. I had fun those days.

It did not take me long to find out that Kelly was gay. He mentioned living with Jeff, and I put two and two together fast. Kelly listened to my troubles, and gave me sound, firm advice. He has been so helpful to me also by taking me home from work almost every day and taking me by the grocery store to get supplies. I would not still be here if it was not for his help. I cannot think of a way to show my appreciation to him.

Until now. Please check out Kelly's blog. This is Pride Month, and the gay community is facing many issues this year. No matter what your stand is on these issues, let's remember that these laws affect human beings, Americans, but most important, one of the truest friends I've had. Kelly's challenge is a simple one, show everyone the world, your country, and your own community through his eyes.

Kelly, thank you...and stay strong. Your fight is a noble and neverending one.