Monday, April 16, 2007


Living in Virginia, we had all become accustomed to watching school shootings unfold in other parts of the country. We are, however, not immune to violence here in Virginia. Between Richmond and Washington, DC, this part of the world has a bad reputation for murder. Even recently, there was a man who drove to Richmond to fly out of the airport here only to end up dead along with his two sons.

Today, a new page turns in our history as 1 (still possibly 2) gunmen killed 33 people on the campus of Virginia Tech. I had visited the campus a few times when I was living in Lynchburg, but I never had any attachment to any of the people there. My heart does go out to the people affected by today's shooting. No matter what the motive may be, it's all in vain. People did not have to die over this person'(s) vindetta.

This all makes me very sad. This is really a nice state. There really are nice people here. I hope people believe that.