Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Trip Recap

Janine and I left for Baltimore to see my brother, wife and son Sunday. As I mentioned before he had been in an accident and I wanted to give some details while respecting his need for privacy.

Fortunately he is fine. He was involved in a one car wreck involving his car and a local establishment, but no one was hurt at all. Dave did get a scratch on his arm, but was otherwise unharmed. I think he's mostly just embarrassed about what happened than anything else.

As far as what happened and everything else, I don't think it would be a good idea to talk about that at this point. The important thing is that he's fine, his wife and son are fine, and the unborn twins are kicking and over 3lbs a piece now. Please continue to keep them all in your thoughts as they deal with the fallout from his accident. My brother, if anything, has always been known to bounce back from adversity. He will continue to do so with this, I'm confident.

On another happy, unrelated note, I have figured out how to get from Baltimore to Richmond by passing through the gut of DC in just under 4 hours. The only thing Janine and I lost was our sanity dealing with the traffic in DC. My gosh what a cluster f*ck over there!