Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Nerd Report

Ok, enough metal news. How about some geek news?

For the 2 people left on earth that do not have a gmail account, fear not, gmail is going live on April 1. No joke. Speaking of which, if you need a gmail account, I have about 60 to give away. Just email the radio station and I will give you as many as you need (while supplies last).

I think everyone who has received and have all their AOL disks sitting around the house should take this offer seriously. It is going to be a beautiful day to see a million AOL disks flooding the front offices of AOL here in northern VA.

In geek meets metal news. was hacked last week. Check out the screenshot/article.

For geek news as far as the eye can see, be sure to always check out Slashdot and digg.