Saturday, August 26, 2006

Closing Another Chapter

This morning I'm back in my apartment, for the last weekend before moving and starting over again. I look around and I see relics and memories of the past year and it's all very much bittersweet.

On one hand I see the failures and heartaches of the past year, on the other I see the bright, optimistic future that I'm starting this weekend. I see dashed dreams, but I see closure and promises of a better tomorrow. It's been such a rollar coaster ride including that ill dizzy feeling I get whenever I get off of one.

I'm sitting here listening to Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven, and I remember the things that I left behind and the memories that only remain. I'm also sitting here excited and for the first time in a long time, I'm happy.

I'm going to be ok. I never could convince myself of that until now. I'm going to be ok.

I can only thank God for second chances, after getting a second chance, again. My life starts now. I'm ready.