Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pondering Vacations (again)

(Hehe, Neaners was here)

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

Last night, I was pricing packages to Vegas and I guess I'm cheap. Just to start, it's going to cost over a thousand dollars just for flight and hotel! Ouch! Janine has been trying to talk me into considering a trip to Atlantic City instead. It's not that we're looking for some place to gamble, I can do that from home, online, it's just that the Vegas experience is so addicting.

We're looking at around a 7 hour drive to Atlantic City and just booking hotels, I found a great deal at Harrah's, which is an awesome casino. I loved the one in Vegas, and from the looks of it, people really enjoy staying at their Jersey location. So a trip in June does not seem out of the question at all.

Considering I'm so burned out from work, it just couldn't come too soon. Janine and I both need another break, and this looks like the break we're both looking for.